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ATHLETE stories

Athletes share their own experiences with mental health in and out of sport

Monica Hofvind


Monica Hofvind discusses everything to do with power lifting and the link between mental wellbeing and lifting well.

Eve Muirhead


Dan Hancock (PT) spoke to Olympic bronze medallist Eve Muirhead at the start of this year about mental health in sport and performing at the top level.

Tom Lee


American football player Tom Lee talked about all things related to mental health, sport and injury particularly in American Football and concussion. 

Dan Hancock


Dan Hancock discusses his role as a personal trainer and his views on the fitness industry. He outlines for us the role of fitness in mental health and how it differs from sport's relationship with mental health.

Michael Jamieson


Michael Jamieson, a former Olympic swimmer, discusses all things mental health, British Swimming and what he is doing with his swimmers at Natare West London.

Mark McGuire


Mark McGuire opens up about his personal struggles with injury and how this affected his mental health. Get your tissues at the ready because Mark really goes into detail about how being forced to leave cycling made him feel lost about his identity and purpose!

Daisy Barnes


Daisy Barnes discusses all things motivation and challenges in her sport of cycling. Despite the fact that she has not directly suffered a mental illness, Daisy has learned a lot through mental challenges that have been thrown her way. Daisy wishes to see more provision for all athletes, both male and female.

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